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barbapapa barbapapa is a 1970 children s picture book by the french american couple annette tison and talus taylor who lived in paris france barbapapa is both the title character and the name of his "species" the book was the first of a series of children s books originally written in french and later translated into over 30 languages barbe à papa – literally "daddy s beard" – is french for barbapapa tv series 1973–1977 imdb created by talus taylor annette tison with ricet barrier allen swift julia holewinski leen jongewaard the barbapapas are creatures that can change their form and those are the adventures is this unusual family in his struggle to find his place in the planet while helping other people and animals barbapapà il ghiacciaio om nom stories best of all seasons cut the rope funny cartoons for children barbapapa ficial website barbapapa was born in a garden just like a flower he can take any form he is very nice everybody likes him not far from the village where his friends cindy and frank live he has built a house like him for his family barbapapa annette tison talus taylor barbapapa [annette tison talus taylor] on amazon free shipping on qualifying offers meeting barbapapa for the very first time is a magical moment every child will adore this loyal gentle